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Village Church Counseling Parenting The Heart

Village Church Counseling: Parenting the Heart

Our children's behavior is important. But what's even more important is what is growing and stirring in their hearts. Parenting the heart takes training our eyes and hearts to intentionally see our children how God sees them.

During our time together, we will begin to build our parenting skills to bring the gospel of Jesus to the needs of each of our children's' hearts.

When: November 6th at 7pm
Where: Village Church of Bartlett

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Join us for a discussion on the book, The Tech-Wise Family on Monday, December 4, 2017 at 6:45.

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Biblical Conflict

Do you ever want to hide when conflict is swirling around you?

Do you ever wonder what in the world is happening in the world?

Do you ever have the best of intention in dealing with a hurt but end up loosing it?

Do you ever wonder how you can respond to conflict in a way that brings peace?

Do you ever wonder why people can make you so frustrated?

Thursday, November 2nd, join us as we uncover the root of this tension, these fights, and the conflict among us. As a community we will be equipped to understand, respond, and grow through these challenges.

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