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Genesis: Creation Declares: My Purpose

Sunday Morning

Listen to weekly teachings from our Pastors at Village Church of Bartlett and Village Church East.

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0509 In The Creation Account, How Is There Light Before The Sun & Stars?


Join pastors and leaders at Village Church of Bartlett as they answer your questions about theology, the church, and today's hot topics. No subject is off limits. You ask hard questions. We promise to answer them.

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What is Truth- Part Three

Discipleship Training

Listen to weekly teaching from our Discipleship Training adult education hour.

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VK Sunday Morning: Peter Healed a Beggar

Village Kids

Listen to weekly teaching from our Village Kids Ministry.

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Testimony from Sky Generation Missionary

Forge Youth Podcast

Listen to weekly teaching from our Forge Student Ministry.

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Women's Ministry: Week 12

Women's Bible Study

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Men's First Tuesday: Tim Chinn

Men's First Tuesday

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Village Church Counseling: Biblical Conflict

Village Church Counseling