Our Vision

Our Vision: “to make disciples who go, grow, and overcome"

– Matt 28:18-20



Jesus’ first command to his disciples before ascending into Heaven was simple: “Go make disciples of all the nations...”. At the Village Church we take this command seriously. A going church is a growing church. A staying church is a dying church. Every ministry in our church is continually seeking to wisely, lovingly, and effectively bring the soul-saving gospel of Jesus to our friends, family, neighbors, city, and world. This is our mission because it is Jesus’ mission. We use three verbs to talk about “going” at the Village Church.

  1. Pray: Our mission is to equip and encourage individuals and ministries to purposely spend time praying by name for those who have not trusted in Jesus. We pray for things out of our jurisdiction. Since the heart of man is God’s jurisdiction, we pray to God to redeem the hearts of those we love.
  2. Pursue: Our mission is to equip and encourage individuals and ministries to pursue discussions with those who have not trusted in Jesus through faith alone.
  3. Persuade: Our mission is to equip and encourage individuals to wisely, effectively, and lovingly share and discuss the gospel of Jesus with those who don’t know Him.



Jesus’ next command is to baptize and train new believers to obey Him. Jesus says, “baptize them” and “teach them to obey all that I have commanded you.” Growing is all about what we do to enhance our relationship with God. We talk about growth in two ways at the Village Church.

  1. Growing Deep - Our mission is to help God’s people grow deep roots of faith in their relationship with Him through six key disciplines: prayer, study, generosity, community, serving, and worship. When done for Jesus, these will measurably grow our faith.
  2. Growing Wide - Our mission is to also grow wide by seeing people come to faith in Jesus, and for the church to grow numerically. God celebrated numerical growth as seen throughout the book of Acts. He rejoices over every soul who trusts in Him, and counts each soul won for Christ. So do we! Whether or not the Village Church grows numerically is out of our control, as God does the growing, but we desire to see the local and global church grow numerically through souls saved by Jesus.



When we, as a follower of Jesus, want to follow His mission to go and grow, we are faced with powerful resistance from the world, our flesh, and the devil. These three forces seek to prevent our going and our growing.

Jesus helps us combat those foes through His empowering presence. He said, “I am with you wherever you go...”. This is the most frequently stated promise by God to His people in Scripture. With God inside of us, we have His power to overcome the world, to control our fleshly desires, and to resist the devil.